[Cuis-dev] New Cuis website is live!

Mariano Montone marianomontone at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 04:18:49 PST 2021

Hello Nicola,

El 26/11/21 a las 06:49, Nicola Mingotti escribió:
> Hi Mariano,
> i gave it a shot and I observe this:
> 1. Package list with "browse all", very well ! that is useful for
> explorations
> 2. Package list, problem, not urgent, some packages should not be there,
> for example, my "Printf" has been incorporated into Cuis. Also the old
> RegEx,
> that is not maintained.

> . I think here we should all contribute to keep the package list clean

Yes. My idea is exactly that. People are welcomed to clone Cuis-Website
repository, update the package list and send a pull request.

> . For example, i tried PetitParser, it doesn't even load

> . IDEA. maybe and indicator, like a green tick 'V' if the package has
> been tested working. Near the tick, or hovering over it it may appear 'who'
> checked and when. (I still have not looked into the website code, i
> could do this when time permits :) )

I don't object to that. It needs a field (like - checked: boolean) in
the package list YAML, and some rendering of that in the template. Not hard.

> 3. If you google "cuis smalltalk" the first link you can click is broken,
> because it points to "https://cuis-smalltak.org" . It is quite easy to
> redirect
> calls directed to port 80 to "http://www.cuis-smalltalk.org".
> . To do this kind of things usually i put nginx in front of my web servers
> . If you need help on this i can share my config with you ( I work on
> Linux/BSD)

I think Juan is going to fix that.



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