[Cuis-dev] privateDisplayBounds wrong value

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Fri Oct 22 23:27:44 PDT 2021

Hi Juan,

Yep, here is an image: 

There is a sketch with a value view, inspected, you can observe its 
privateDisplayBounds attribute. May be I should not use this variable?

The top right browser displays its hierarchy. You can explore the 
drawOn: and containsPoint: methods.

As mentioned this was working previously. May be by accident?



Le 23/10/2021 à 01:12, Juan Vuletich a écrit :
> Please, give me full context, so I can browse all the code and play 
> with examples. Impossible to be of help otherwise! I.e. in the base 
> image, no morph answers #containsPoint:...

GNU Dr. Geo

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