[Cuis-dev] Chapter 7: First example not working

John McGarey johnmcgarey78 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 23 19:50:35 PDT 2021

I'm going through The Cuis book and am on "Chapter 7 The Fundamentals of Morph" and right out of the gate the first example doesn't work for me.  In 7.1.1 on p109 when I try to `LineExampleMorph new openInWorld` I get: " Error: My subclass should have overridden #imageForm:depth:" and it never draws the line.  

Details:1. Image Version: Cuis5.0-4928 image2. VM Version: Using the Squeak VM from the install docs: squeak.cog.spur_macos64x64_2020030217303. Book Version: The Cuis Book I am using says "Compilation: 23 August 2021" and I looked at the book source in github and it's not particularly different now in this part. 4. I already ran the 'feature requre' for VectorGraphics (and 4 system categories for VectorGraphics were created with lots of classes) 5. I ran a few of the examples in the system category 'VectorGraphics-Examples" and all of them seemed to run fine6. I tried to override #imageForm:depth: myself but that's over my head and I couldn't get it to work (but if that method override is required that should be in the book anyway).7. It doesn't seem to be the 'new' method that is triggering the error but the 'openInWorld' method.

I'm at a loss.  Could someone point me in the right direction?  

Thank you,John
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