[Cuis-dev] Inventing the next Licklider

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new year, new subject in the Cuis list?? :-)

I think that the ideal solution is what Phillip said, no one person but all
united solving the problem or what Ken did (incredible!).
I also think that sadly, there is no time and we must be practical, and due
to the current way of thinking/living and the way we were taught, we need a
kind of "hero", somebody to lead the change or at least start it.

Regarding Licklider, I think his success was not only because of him but
the environment. At that time everything in our field was about to be
discovered and there was a lot of money to invest on that... the context
has changed a lot...


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> On 2022-01-02 01:25, Philip Bernhart via Cuis-dev wrote:
> ..
> > Why the fudge do we even need a leader, a new kind of self sacrifizing
> > "jesus" who throws away his own life so the "dumb masses" come to their
> > senses? That's a rigged game, we as a species somehow need to get out
> > of.
> Philip,
> Good rant, but any replies should go to another list than Cuis-Dev.
> My personal strategy has always been to start where I am and work
> outward through my sphere of influence.  I can't fix the world, but I
> can try my best to do the right thing, set an example, and try to be
> nice to people.
> Personally, my wife and I looked at the demographics in the late '70s
> and decided the world was not suffering from a lack of people, so no
> kids.  We have not been on an airplane in a couple of decades.  Net Zero
> house.  Vegan.  Garden for wildlife as well as ourselves.  Not saints,
> but we know which end of the scale is best and try to move in that
> direction. Align actions with belief. Walk in beauty.
> Be less bad!  Do more Cuis!
> Hey, I had to mention Cuis here, somewhere!  ;^)
> Good on ya,
> -KenD
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