[Cuis-dev] Pluggable List of Morph

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Thu Jan 20 09:31:36 PST 2022

Hi Nico & all,

I added to the UI-Click-Select package in Cuis-Smalltalk-UI a list of 
morph widget (classes PluggableListOfMorph and InnerListOfMorph). The 
behavior inherits from PluggableListMorph. The inner list is too 
different to inherit from InnerListMorph, instead it inherits from the 
LayoutMorph and it borrows methods from InnerListMorph. But the design 
is quite simple and understandable.

It looks like:

I have not yet stressed too much the widget.

Next step, make a drop down button.


GNU Dr. Geo

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