[Cuis-dev] Just wanted to thank everyone for their contributions and hard work…

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sat Jan 22 08:55:58 PST 2022

Hi Mark,

Le 22/01/2022 à 17:26, Mark Taber via Cuis-dev a écrit :
> Finally (finally!) I’ve gotten around to downloading and starting to learn Cuis Smalltalk. I’m using The Cuis Book (though I have also downloaded the other suggested classic Smalltalk books for later reading).

Nice to read news from you.

> I’m a retired system architect / senior developer in the enterprise (a large state government agency here in the USA). I can’t complain, but got to marvel and look at things like Smalltalk from a distance. Now…I am learning it, and planning on using it for my computational sketches (the computer will create the “canonical forms” that I will imperfectly reproduce on canvas, etc., by hand).

That's sound interesting! You want the software to compute some sort of 
graphics you will then draw or paint by hand?

I am 100% sure that if you allocate a daily chunk of time to learn Cuis, 
like 1 hour, you will progress quickly. Whatever you progress or not 
during this one hour slot, it is a very effective way for training. Not 
to mention it will help to keep your brain healthy.

> Thanks to all of you for the books, this mailing list, all the work on the code, the videos. It makes Cuis feel very manageable.
> Question: I have found several (very) small errors in the Cuis book (English subject-verb agreements, spelling, etc.). So small, in fact, that it seems “nit-picky” to even point them out. How would a person report these? (I’m open to contributing, but I am*waaaay*  too new to the project at this point.)

This will be very valuable. You can report to me.

The most effective way is to fork The Cuis Book repository and submit 
pull requests with your fixes. I will then review and accept. If you 
know GitHub workflow, it is by far the most efficient.

If you don't know GitHub workflow yet, you can pick up the PDF version 
of the book, and write in a simple text file all your fixes (with the 
pages and fixes), then send me the text file.



GNU Dr. Geo

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