[Cuis-dev] Proposals for Community meeting!

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Mon Jan 31 10:13:58 PST 2022


There is enough interest for recurring meetings, in a 30 min format 😎

We could start with a "What's new?" meeting where Juan will present what 
is new in Cuis. We could have several such meeting per year.

But before we may want to write down a list of meeting, to publish on 
Cuis web site ahead and other places.

If you have written or ported a package to Cuis, it could be a very 
interesting meeting topic, to discover new domain.

If you teach Cuis, we will be interested to know about your experience 
and share through Q&A.

If you are developing an application, yeah it will be interesting to 
know about your experience.

If you want to share some experience with Cuis on a given topic, then 
teach us, cool.

If you are developing or want to run a business based on Cuis, many will 
be interested.

The subjects to cover are vast, only limited by our desire to share.

It will be nice to write down a list covering one year, about 10-12 

So please make proposals, several!



GNU Dr. Geo

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