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H. Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Tue Mar 22 06:50:07 PDT 2022

>From my understanding, and I may be just wrong as I don't have a deep knowledge on CVS, it appears the granularity of a pckg file is too large for a smooth collaboration throuhg Github. 

So it seems easy to lost changes from other commiter. Of course one should always update his locale fork before writting code, but what happen if in between, one commits changes to the central repo. It looks like Github does not merge the changes but replace it (but it does not make sense). With a file format like tonel the risk could be lower to colide and remove accidently class from the repo. 
In the other hand I commit the code with pull request, should Ken do the same to avoid accident with lost code? 

I really don't know, only we have several accidents of lost code, may be we have a process to improve but I don't know how. 


Dr. Geo -- http://drgeo.eu 

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> Ken,

> Works fine.
> I think we have an issue with the combo .pckg files and GitHub
> repository. It was not the first time we were hit by thhis kind of
> problem.

> Discuss about that later.

> Hilaire

> Dr. Geo -- http://drgeo.eu

> ----- ken dickey <ken.dickey at whidbey.com> a écrit :
> > Hilaire,
> >
> > I believe I have everything back. Let me know!
> >
> > Again, sorry!
> > -KenD
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