[Cuis-dev] Code Stomping

ken.dickey at whidbey.com ken.dickey at whidbey.com
Tue Mar 22 08:02:40 PDT 2022

First of all, _my bad_, for not checking first.

My own repositories are one thing, but Cuis repos require more careful 
management and testing than I have been doing.  My bad.  I can fix this.

I am a very casual user of git.

The major problem I see is the lack of feedback on what changes are 

What I have just been looking at is "git diff", which can show the 

This is my new commitment and recommendation:

After one files out a package, but BEFORE committing, use "git diff" to 
see all the deltas/changes in context.

This should be a part of the review process BEFORE committing.

Then, in a fresh image, re-load and re-test the package(s).

If AOK, THEN commit and push.


"git diff" only shows _uncommitted_ changes.  It would be great to have 
a way to see committed but UNpushed changes, but I don't know how to do 

Tonel loses method history and has various other problems as discussed 

On 2022-03-22 06:50, H. Fernandes wrote:

> From my understanding, and I may be just wrong as I don't have a deep 
> knowledge on CVS, it appears the granularity of a pckg file is too 
> large for a smooth collaboration throuhg Github.
> So it seems easy to lost changes from other commiter. Of course one 
> should always update his locale fork before writting code, but what 
> happen if in between, one commits changes to the central repo. It looks 
> like Github does not merge the changes but replace it (but it does not 
> make sense). With a file format like tonel the risk could be lower to 
> colide and remove accidently class from the repo.
> In the other hand I commit the code with pull request, should Ken do 
> the same to avoid accident with lost code?
> I really don't know, only we have several accidents of lost code, may 
> be we have a process to improve but I don't know how.

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