[Cuis-dev] Mold may need updates

H. Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Tue Nov 28 04:06:22 PST 2023

Hi Benjamin, 

Is it the Mold package from Cuis-Smalltlak-UI repository? 
If so, I don't remember about using the CharacterBlockScanner class. 



Dr. Geo -- http://drgeo.eu 

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> Hey all,

> I was spelunking around all the packages available in the package
> installer, and decided to check out Mold. In the process, I noticed
> that MoldExample tries to invoke
> CharacterBlockScanner>>characterBlockAtPoint:index:in:, which raises
> a DNU. While I can fix that, I then get a pile of *other* DNUs. I'm
> happy to take a stab at fixing these up and submit a PR, but I
> wanted to quickly verify that y'all intend to keep Mold around, that
> no one was else was sitting on a fix, and that these errors were
> indeed errors and not simply a missing package or the like.

> Thanks,

> --Benjamin
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