[Cuis-dev] Mold may need updates

Benjamin Pollack benjamin at bitquabit.com
Tue Nov 28 05:53:43 PST 2023

On Tue, Nov 28, 2023, at 07:06, H. Fernandes via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Hi Benjamin,
> Is it the Mold package from Cuis-Smalltlak-UI repository?
> If so, I don't remember about using the CharacterBlockScanner class.

My apologies; after poking, seems I misidentified where the problem is coming from.

Mold pulls in UI-Entry from Cuis-Smalltalk-UI. MoldExample>>one at some point creates a TextEntryMorph from that package. That class in turn has #characterIndexAtPoint:, which is where this is happening, so the actual issue is in the TextEntryMorph. This is repeatable 100% of the time with a fresh Cuis setup if you just install Mold from the Package Installer and run MoldExample>>one, so someone familiar with the package will likely have an easy time resolving the issue.

For what it's worth, there are actually quite a few mismatches that show up with MoldExample>>one. If I fix the original error, for example, I can then enter text into the morph, but cursor keys still cause a crash. I'm not familiar enough with either of these packages to know how they got to this state, but it definitely feels like something is looking for Squeak or Pharo methods that don't exist in the Cuis version (or vice-versa).
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