[Cuis-dev] Rename class not logging to user changes

Eric Brandwein brandweineric at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 22:04:03 PDT 2019

Hi all,

Today Cuis broke because I was messing with Morphs, and I had to close the
image. Unfortunately, I hadn't saved my changes, so to recover them I had
to rely on the .user.changes file. I opened up the image again, and it
asked me to recover changes. I selected to automatically recover them, and
a strange error occurred: it told me that UndefinedObject didn't understand
#removeSelector:. Digging through the ChangeList, I noticed something: the
class renames were nowhere to be seen. So, what was happening is that there
were some ChangeListElements that removed selectors from classes that
didn't exist because they had the old names from before I renamed them.

All this story is to point out that bug: the class rename isn't logging to
the changes file. And I'm not really sure how to solve it quickly and
cleanly; there isn't a ClassRenameChangeRecord class like there's a
ClassDeletionChangeRecord, so either there should be a new kind of
ChangeList record to log class renames or we should log the deletion of the
class and the subsequent adding of all the methods that were previously in
that class to the class with the new name. What do you think?

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