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> I have my own framework in VW.  It’s very specialized, and I don’t really
> want to port it.   Was hoping to find something shader-based and working.
> Is Woden too fat for Cuis?  Will it be ported/streamlined?  How does the
> Cuis community determine what, if any, of Pharo gets ported, and what sorts
> of changes/minimalizings must happen if something is ported?
I think you could port almost anything in the form of an external package,
and if it's not in the base image the Cuis community wouldn't have any
saying, right? Personally, I'm happy to have a minimalist image, and I
would put as much of possible in external packages.

> Along the same line, must we do without buttons with icons in the debugger?
Squeak doesn't have icons in the debugger either. VWs does?
If someone implements that, I'd rather be a preference or part of the
Theme, as I adhere more to the iconoclastic style :/ But this is just my
personal preference and it's not a big deal, and if I really don't like
something I can always tweak it in my own image.
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