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I think you could port almost anything in the form of an external package, and if it's not in the base image the Cuis community wouldn't have any saying, right? Personally, I'm happy to have a minimalist image, and I would put as much of possible in external packages.


Makes sense, but I miss the creature comforts.  I’m particular about highlighting and formatting.  I have it just so in VW--hard to live without.  I tend to use monospace fonts too, even for labels, and this causes field overflow in Pharo.  



I prefer monospace fonts too, for everything. We have DejaVu Mono and others, you could load any TT font I guess, I used to have a customized DejaVu Mono with some glyphs replaced with double-width glyphs in order to make the arrows and some math operators bigger, at some point I build that again.


Yes, I use Fira Code in Pharo.  Looks great.  Love that font.

                 Along the same line, must we do without buttons with icons in the debugger?


Squeak doesn't have icons in the debugger either. VWs does?


Yes, and I was actually stuck for a few moments in the debugger, wondering what to do, looking for the arrows.   It’s funny.   Alas:  words on buttons in the debugger.  Haven’t used Squeak steadily since 2004-ish.  Icons/images usually speed recognition and workflow.  Seems like a low cost in space and work if we already have a button that takes an image.


Yes, it should be easy to add icons to the debugger and other tools, it would be nice to do it by extending Theme. In general Cuis is super easy to customize, I'm also very particular about the UI, I use tiling windows, no window titles, etc (see attached screenshot) and it was very easy to implement this in Cuis.

I’m trying to figure out way to limit eye-span and window-count (same as your need to move your windows unless you have a rigid tiling scheme that works the way you want).  I like VW because you can open 6 or so browsers, put them on top of each other, and just loop thru them with your eye more or less in the same spot in the method pane, using Alt-Tab.  I stack up with browsers in the same spot.  Then I stack-down as the work is completely.  This gives  me maximum orientation stability (where am I?; where’s my stuff I’m working on) and minimal eye-movement/span, minimal clicking, minimal manipulation of windows.  Along the same line, I wish we could nest in the system browser some of windows that are now being opened for refs/implementors/senders, or give the option of nesting or opening.  In the first case with the nesting, you can often stack down out of your work trajectory more efficiently than if you have to hunt around for a window, unless you have rigid tiling and are happy with the smaller windows, or have lots of monitor real estate, longer viewing distance, and a bigger monospace font that fits.   

Is anyone feeling the dev-speed-hit from the missing features found in the likes of Pharo or VW?  Very Spartan.   If the goodies do exist, perhaps a more automatic way of making those visible as loadable packages/features in various default configurations would help newcomers.  


I'm not, I really like Cuis, and after I customized it I feel very at home, can't live without it. On the other hand, I feel lost in Pharo's UI, but I didn't use it much.


I prefer Pharo’s leading-edge mouse action.  I wish this were a configurable feature.


Also,  I don’t see a filter field in Cuis’ class browser.   Did I miss it?



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