[Cuis-dev] Changesets stamps

Mariano Montone marianomontone at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 08:43:34 PST 2019

Hello Hernan,

El 9/11/19 a las 10:54, Hernan Wilkinson escribió:
> Hi Mariano,
>  I just uploaded a fix for this.
>  The reason we are saving the timestamp for class definition is to make
> homogeneous how changes are saved in the changes file. There are also
> new tools we are building that use that info.
>  A Method has a direct relationship with its stamp but a class do not,
> that it is why it was regenerated each time when saving a package.

yes, I understand. Before this patch, I realized that to have stamps in
packages for classes we would need some kind of change tracking for
classes. I looked for it, but I didn't see it; and now you confirm it is
not there.

> avoid that we should make all classes know its stamp but that is a
> structure change in the metamodel that I think does not pay off, at
> least by now.

Yes, that could be worth it implementing at some point.
>  Anyhow, this fix does not save class definition stamps anymore.

Ok. Thanks for the update!



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