[Cuis-dev] Proposal for more tests

Douglas Brebner kirtai+st at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 11:55:53 PDT 2020

On 20/10/2020 15:23, Hernan Wilkinson via Cuis-dev wrote:
>  We all know that it is not possible to test everything, for example 
> the changes that Juan just did to Morph are very difficult and time 
> consuming to test with automatic tests, but there are other changes, 
> mainly to core classes or tools, that are possible to test and I think 
> we should try our best to do it.
>  What do you think? do we give it a try?

And on a somewhat related note, I noticed that 
https://github.com/hpi-swa/smalltalkCI supports github CI for many 
Smalltalks but not Cuis :(

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