[Cuis-dev] Clicking the 'collapse' halo handle brings up the debugger

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Mon Apr 5 10:55:33 PDT 2021

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> P.S.
> Why do we still have halos anyway? Almost the only thing I ever use them
> for is getting an inspector, and I can think of better ways to present that
> option (and the rest of the options in the debug and in the helpfully
> titled "menu" handle). Maybe everyone else has lots of uses for them (that
> are not served by the window frame or the window's icons) but evidently no
> one has clicked on the collapse handle in a while...
I understand the sentiment: when you're just a user or Morphic they do seem
kind of redundant/pointless.  However, when you're
developing/debugging/playing around with UIs they are quite powerful.  It
probably would be worth looking at having an option to disable them for
people who are just 'users' of the image.

SystemWindow is just a way of packaging a subset of Morphic functionality
in a familiar and consistent way at the expense of a lot of power that you
generally don't want or need when just using existing functionality.  Halos
give you a visual way to traverse the Morph containment hierarchy to
access, compose and decompose the UI (among other things)
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