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Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
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Hi Robert,

On 4/27/2021 4:31 PM, Robert Calco via Cuis-dev wrote:
> I'm a noob to Cuis, though I've been lurking awhile, and after 
> watching recent demos about progress on SVG I got an instance working 
> on my Windows machine using the 64 bit vm and Cuis5.0-4567.image. I 
> tweaked preferences a bit and found I liked everything about the 
> experience


> *except* how TT fonts had the return and assignment arrows looking 
> like blocks, as noted by Bernhard.
> I am unable to find the preferences you mention above, but figured out 
> I could add them to the preferences list, however they did not change 
> anything. So maybe I'm using the wrong image?

I guess you are looking for
         Preferences enable: #syntaxHighlightingAsYouTypeAnsiAssignment.
         Preferences enable: 
(enable only one of them at a time)

#useLeftArrow and #useAlwaysLeftArrow seem useless to me. I think we'd 
just remove them.

> Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind if the left and up arrows were 
> always dynamically inserted by default when I type ^ or :=, but not 
> until all the supported fonts can render them properly. That would be 
> my feedback. Until then the default should be ^ for returning a value, 
> and := for assignment.

Today I pushed a commit to take the Unicode Arrow glyphs from DejaVu if 
the selected font doesn't include them. Assignment and returns should 
look well in any font.

Some clarifications:
- There are no specifically "supported fonts". You can use any TrueType 
font you like. We include a few with Cuis for convenience. You can add 
others. Different TrueType fonts will vary in the range of glyphs they 
- We always use Character 94 for return ( ^ in the keyboard). We just 
display it as an up arrow when it is a return (but not when it is used a 
a binary selector, or in a comment).
- You can use := or left arrow ( _ in the keyboard) for assignment. Your 
choice. We display _ as a left arrow when it is used for assignment (but 
not when it is used as part of a variable name or selector, or in a 

> The SVG support is a big deal and I'm interested in exploring what I 
> can do with Cuis as an alternative, but for most application needs 
> Pharo and Cincom, as "top heavy" as they are, still seem most suitable 
> for actual application development. Gemstone is also great. In general 
> I am always struggling with which to use for what purpose.
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Juan Vuletich

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