[Cuis-dev] SocketStream / Sockets issue

Philip Bernhart philip.bernhart at posteo.de
Thu Jan 7 02:43:17 PST 2021


I'm currently a little bit confused, maybe you can help me.
I just tried to connect to a TCP service port (using netcat),
running locally on port 5432 and I get a primitive failed error.

To reproduce (nc = netcat):

$ nc -l -p 5432

In Cuis:
  Feature require: 'Network-Kernel'.
  stream := SocketStream openConnectionToHost: 'localhost' port: 5432.

When I try the same with a different programming language,
for example ruby, then I get a connection and no error.

Also accessing remote services there is no issue.
When trying localhost with port 8080 there is no isuse.

I tried to run that also in pharo and I encountered the same

So what's going on here?


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