[Cuis-dev] Proposal to change the way debugger lists categories

Gerald Klix csh.00 at klix.ch
Tue Jul 13 00:11:55 PDT 2021

Hi Joaquin,

I have not yet tested your change set(s), I will do so today.

But it should be pointed out, that you can type the first N letters
when a menu is displayed, which disables all menu items
that do not start with that prefix. Additionally you can
use the up- and down-keys to select an item.
In this way it is possible to select a category
quickly using the keyboard.

I frequently miss the categories I used recently in the menu,
therefore IHMO a useful change would be to offer the last 4 (or N)
categories assigned or created.
When I add "instance creation' methods, I often miss the
"instance creation" category at the instance side of class.
Maybe it would make sense to present the class side categories
in the instance side categories menu (and vice versa).

Best Regards,


On 7/11/21 12:13 PM, Joaquín Singer via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm using Cuis in a class at my university and these last few weeks I've
> been making small changes to the image with the intention of solving some
> things that personally bothered me a little / I thought could be improved.
> If you don't mind, I'd like to share some of the changes with you so you
> can discuss whether they are worth incorporating directly into the base
> image.
> For example, in the debugger, when the create button is clicked, after
> selecting a class, a list of the categories present in the hierarchy
> appears in alphabetical order, and it is usually easier for me to retype it
> with the option "new..." than to go through the list using "more..." in
> search of the one I want. The way this works seems much more practical to
> me when you want to change the category of a message, where it appears, in
> addition to alphabetically, hierarchically ordered.
> I am attaching a changeset that modifies this.
> On the other hand, since the allMethodCategoriesIntegratedThrough: message
> gives you the categories ordered alphabetically, I kept using it but
> sending as an argument the same class that receives it. Is it okay to do it
> this way? Or it would be more declarative to get them with the
> "organization categories" messages and then sort them, in the same way as
> categoryFromUserWithPrompt: for :? Another option that might make sense is
> to create a new message called allMethodCategoriesSortedAlphabetically that
> does not have to receive any arguments and also use it in
> categoryFromUserWithPrompt: for:
> I have changesets with either of these last two options as well, so if you
> decide to make the change and any of these seem more appropriate than the
> implementation I'm submitting now, I can submit them.
> Cheers,
> Joaquín.
> PS: Thanks for the work you do maintaining Cuis, I'm having a really good
> time with it.

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