[Cuis-dev] Proposal to change the way debugger lists categories

Gerald Klix cuis.01 at klix.ch
Wed Jul 14 22:38:36 PDT 2021

Hi Joaquín,

See below.

On 7/14/21 10:16 PM, Joaquín Singer wrote:
> Hi gerald,
> I noticed this behavior but, if I didn't misunderstand, it doesn't allow
> you to see the categories that are in the following pages. What this change
> does is show the list in the same way that it is shown when you want to
> change the category of a message, having in the top all the categories in
> the current class, then in the superclass, and so on.
Yep, the following page is AFIR just a submenu.
> I like showing the last assigned or created on top of everything, at first
> what I wanted to do was something similar, but then I realized that doing
> it in the same hierarchical way as the option to change the category, was
> useful in almost all cases and more consistent with the other
> functionality. But if you think it's better to show it this way, I can
> modify it.
Ok, I will try to use our changes for some time.
> Did you tested it?
Nope! I did touch my computer for only some minutes and did
not use Cuis at all. Me sorry.
> Cheers,
> Joaquín.
> El mar, 13 jul 2021 a las 4:12, Gerald Klix (<csh.00 at klix.ch>) escribió:
>> Hi Joaquin,
>> I have not yet tested your change set(s), I will do so today.
>> But it should be pointed out, that you can type the first N letters
>> when a menu is displayed, which disables all menu items
>> that do not start with that prefix. Additionally you can
>> use the up- and down-keys to select an item.
>> In this way it is possible to select a category
>> quickly using the keyboard.
>> I frequently miss the categories I used recently in the menu,
>> therefore IHMO a useful change would be to offer the last 4 (or N)
>> categories assigned or created.
>> When I add "instance creation' methods, I often miss the
>> "instance creation" category at the instance side of class.
>> Maybe it would make sense to present the class side categories
>> in the instance side categories menu (and vice versa).
>> Best Regards,
>> Gerald
>> On 7/11/21 12:13 PM, Joaquín Singer via Cuis-dev wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> I'm using Cuis in a class at my university and these last few weeks I've
>>> been making small changes to the image with the intention of solving some
>>> things that personally bothered me a little / I thought could be
>> improved.
>>> If you don't mind, I'd like to share some of the changes with you so you
>>> can discuss whether they are worth incorporating directly into the base
>>> image.
>>> For example, in the debugger, when the create button is clicked, after
>>> selecting a class, a list of the categories present in the hierarchy
>>> appears in alphabetical order, and it is usually easier for me to retype
>> it
>>> with the option "new..." than to go through the list using "more..." in
>>> search of the one I want. The way this works seems much more practical to
>>> me when you want to change the category of a message, where it appears,
>> in
>>> addition to alphabetically, hierarchically ordered.
>>> I am attaching a changeset that modifies this.
>>> On the other hand, since the allMethodCategoriesIntegratedThrough:
>> message
>>> gives you the categories ordered alphabetically, I kept using it but
>>> sending as an argument the same class that receives it. Is it okay to do
>> it
>>> this way? Or it would be more declarative to get them with the
>>> "organization categories" messages and then sort them, in the same way as
>>> categoryFromUserWithPrompt: for :? Another option that might make sense
>> is
>>> to create a new message called allMethodCategoriesSortedAlphabetically
>> that
>>> does not have to receive any arguments and also use it in
>>> categoryFromUserWithPrompt: for:
>>> I have changesets with either of these last two options as well, so if
>> you
>>> decide to make the change and any of these seem more appropriate than the
>>> implementation I'm submitting now, I can submit them.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Joaquín.
>>> PS: Thanks for the work you do maintaining Cuis, I'm having a really good
>>> time with it.

Best Regards,


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