[Cuis-dev] Package installer (teaser)

Mariano Montone marianomontone at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 12:07:09 PST 2021

Hi Nico,

El 19/11/21 a las 16:24, Nicolás Papagna Maldonado escribió:
> https://github.com/npapagna/cuis-system-updaterVery
> <https://github.com/npapagna/cuis-system-updaterVery> cool Mariano!
> I did some work on the GitHub side of things some time ago.
> The thread on this list was "Introducing System Updater for Cuis
> Smalltalk", and here is the
> repo: https://github.com/npapagna/cuis-system-updater
> <https://github.com/npapagna/cuis-system-updater>.

I was not aware of your system updater. I'm glad you mentioned it, it is
going to be useful for what I have to do.

> I had a couple of issues, I recall the following being the most important:
>   * Automatically updating the cuis image was hard because I had to deal
>     with something related to morphs (I can look for the email that I
>     sent to the list describing the problem later)
>   * The public GitHub API is rate limited, and I quickly reached out
>     that limit while trying to run my updater.

I also hit the Github api rate limit when working on Cuis-Website
packages page. I don't know the details of the limits, but I solved it
putting a delay between requests. I found it acceptable for what I
needed to do, and I think it may be acceptable too for a package listing
tool, as my plan is to download the list of packages only once (and when
doing a manual package refresh by the user), then the tool works locally.

> I was just thinking about this last weekend, and I wanted to try using
> the GitHub API requiring an API Key (yes, if you want to use the tool
> you'd have to get one), but this allows access to better and less
> restricted API usage.
> I'm happy to dig deeper into that if it helps.

Thanks. I'll let you know, but what you've pointed me to is more than
helpful already.


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