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Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Thu Oct 14 08:23:54 PDT 2021

Hi Hilaire,

On 10/14/2021 5:04 AM, Hilaire Fernandes via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Hi Juan,
> Thanks for the enhancement. It can be broadly very useful.

Cool. It is now at GitHub.

> Two observations:
>     * I noted that while I am creating a line, the toolbar has some
>       issue in the drawing: see the different vertical tints of green
>       in the attached screenshot. It happens when there is a
>       #redrawNeeded message sent to one specific morph underneath.

Yes. This was a bug. Also note how in the darkened areas, anti aliasing 
is completely broken due to repeated drawing. Fix also at GitHub now.

>     * Balloon appears behind the morph. The difficulties are in the
>       details! So the balloon should always be the top level, then you
>       want the morph responding true to wantsToBeOnTop to stick to
>       position two. Or may be balloon morph on position zero and
>       wantsToBeOnTop number one. Something like that.

I just made HoverTextMorph, MenuMorph and a few others answer true to 
#wantsToBeOnTop. I think it is ok now.

> Thanks!
> Take care

Thank you too. You're helping Cuis Morphic improve a lot!

> Le 14/10/2021 à 05:16, Juan Vuletich a écrit :
>> Hi Hilaire,
>> Check the attach. It is a first sketch, but it seems to work. All you 
>> need to do is `aMorph wantsToBeOnTop: true`.
>> Note that when you pick a morph with the hand, you are effectively 
>> removing it from the world, so while it is being taken with the hand 
>> it will appear above the "top" morphs. When you drop it, it will go 
>> behind them.
>> We could have several layers, if that is needed.
>> Try it and tell if it works for your needs.
>> Thanks,
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Juan Vuletich

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