[Cuis-dev] Renaming several fundamental Morph classes

Mariano Montone marianomontone at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 12:08:52 PST 2022


several packages of mine have stopped working on Cuis6 because of the
Morphic changes.

I cannot find the email with the final changes. Is there a list with the
final changes somewhere?

And can I apply the renames blindly, or almost blindly? Like say,
replace all mentions of WidgetMorph in my files with BoxedMorph, etc, etc.



El 21/12/21 a las 16:02, Juan Vuletich via Cuis-dev escribió:
> Hi Folks,
> It has become apparent that some class names I chose some time ago are
> not meaningful enough. The most confusing is the meaning I assumed for
> "Widget". Decades ago, Widget meant "UI element in some library". Today
> it means "Anything the user can interact with". So, I want to do the
> following renames:
> MovableMorph    -> MorphicWidget
> WidgetMorph      -> GUIControlMorph
> KernelMorph       -> SpecialMorph
> WorldMorph        -> MorphicWorld
> PasteUpMorph   -> PlaygroundMorph
> I hope these convey meaning more effectively.
> There will be impact on some packages. I have changesets ready to be
> applied for all packages in repos in the Cuis-Smalltalk organization.
> Before applying all this:
> Do you like the new names? Do you know better ones to suggest?
> Any other thoughts?
> Thanks,

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