[Cuis-dev] Locale and Gettext

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Fri Mar 11 01:37:43 PST 2022

Ah! I did not pay attention enough, Cuis String is fine with utf8! I 
updated the Gettext package accordingly:

Next test stress will be with non Latin languages, I have a few 
interesting ones in DrGeo to test with.

Progressing slowly, but steadily .


Le 10/03/2022 à 22:14, Hilaire Fernandes a écrit :
> Le 10/03/2022 à 15:04, Juan Vuletich a écrit :
>> Our support for UTF-8 and Unicode is quite good (esp. for latin 
>> alphabet). But many details are quite different than Squeak or Pharo. 
>> This problem is because of this.
> Good to know.
>> Please give me instructions to reproduce this problem. I'll tell you 
>> how to fix it.
> Complicate to have my set up. (need drgeo image, mo files, locale). I 
> can try to describe the situation and needs.
> The utf8 text is fetched from a filestream on  a .mo file. I read the 
> stream to put its content on a String. How will you install it in an 
> utf8 string of character ?
> Thanks
> Hilaire

GNU Dr. Geo
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