[Cuis-dev] How to filein a fileout from Pharo?

H. Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Mon Mar 21 02:04:21 PDT 2022

Hi Aik-Siong, 

The Fileout/Filein is the option I am using to port DrGeo from Pharo to Cuis. Note I am porting from Pharo7 (I think). 
I think the Fielout from newer Pharo should still export to the traditional .st format. You have to deal with the end line character, conversion from \t to \n. 

On line can be done with: 

tr ' \ r ' ' \ n ' < PharoFileout.st > CuisFilein.st 

Can you make public your fileout from Pharo, so I can take a look? 


Dr. Geo -- http://drgeo.eu 

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> Hi:

> I fileout from Pharo five very small classes that I wrote.
> I tried to filein from Cuis without success.
> Please advise.

> Thanks,
> Aik-Siong Koh
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